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Nicholson Psychiatry Offers Cognitive Assessments To Objectively Measure Important Cognitive Trends
As part of your treatment, it is standard practice to objectively check up on areas such as memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal ability—all cognitive abilities you need to function optimally in everyday life. It’s not a test—it’s a quick check-up on how you’re doing today, like a blood pressure cuff for your brain.
Why is Measuring Cognitive Health Important?
We all have a subjective idea of how our brains are doing—some days we feel “off” or have “brain fog,” while other days we feel like we can take on the world. But how much better are we on the good days? Are lifestyle or health changes making a difference? That’s where cognitive assessment comes in. By putting a number to these subjective feelings, we can discover what is causing the good days in order to have more of them. When your brain is performing, every activity in your daily life will be easier, from remembering where you parked your car to doing your monthly budgeting and bill paying.

Creyos Health: An Engaging and Scientifically-Validated Cognitive Assessment Platform
Nicholson Psychiatry uses a leading brain health assessment platform, Creyos Health, to quickly measure cognition and other areas of health and wellness. Your healthcare practitioner will offer these measures to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your treatment plan is on the right track.

The Creyos cognitive tasks have been validated by decades of scientific research and are proven to measure the most important aspects of cognition. Performance is directly linked with the areas of your brain that are active when you’re at your sharpest. But more importantly, the tasks are fun, and only take 1.5 to 3 minutes each to complete. Now, not only will you feel better, but you can objectively track how your brain is responding to your unique treatment plan.

Improved cognitive performance has important effects on your everyday life. Whether you’re remembering where you put your keys, learning a new task at work, or trying to figure out your taxes, your brain health affects nearly every aspect of your life.